Selected Works


Design Miami/ commissioned Dutch artist Krijn de Koning to conceive
three site-specific sculptural installations for the 2010 Temporary
Structure as part of the fair's research into redefining public
exhibition space. Responding to the open plaza spaces on the Scatter
floor plan, De Koning designed various places for visitors to meet and gather.

De Koning is best known for his architectural interventions which
transform spaces through manipulation of simple geometric forms and
the playful use of color. His work, often installed in museums,
galleries and public areas, intuitively explores ways in which the architectonic environment as a material reality influences our personal experience of that particular place. De Koning's interventions encourage us to question how architecture conditions limit us, while drawing our attention to the inherent beauty and characteristics of the site.

In each of his three Design Miami installations, De Koning invites
us not only to interact with the sculpture, but to enhance our total
experience of the event. We are drawn in to explore labyrinth media
displays, transition between areas of culture and commerce and enjoy
the architecture of the exhibition space. His work injects bold
dimension into the most subtle areas of the fair, reinvigorating
desks, corners and aisles and manipulating scale in unexpected ways.

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