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Jacques Dumond
Low Table, c. 1966
Cherry wood, original glass top
7.87 H x 31.5 x 31.5 inches
20 H x 80 x 80 cm

Jacques Dumond, France



HIDDEN TREASURES | Jacques Dumond | Low Table, c. 1966

This unique table belonged to Jacques Dumond himself and remained in his country house until 2017.  It’s very simple, in cherry wood and original glass, and admirably illustrates Dumond’s approach to minimalism, functionalism, and a reductive approach towards ornamentation. Dumond was one of the pioneers of French modernity and served as a liaison between an older generation of traditional interior designers and those exploring new materials and technologies of the post-war era.

Dumond mostly worked on private commissions rather than mass production; examples of his work are rare and were unknown until recently. We are working on a monograph about Dumond and research results to date are exciting. He wanted to rejuvenate the expression of design by making it “sensitive and humane, useful and beautiful, with what the industry had to offer.”

The table was shown many times, and reserved by interested clients many times too, but in the end was never acquired. We realize the price of $28,000 may be considered high for a simple table by an unfamiliar designer, but we stand by the price and the piece. We believe in the importance of this table and have a strong record of discovering unknown designers before the market does (i.e. Lalannes, Pergay, Paulin, Hicks, César, et. al.) and investing in our beliefs.



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