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with Jos Devriendt

Presented in collaboration with Colin King
September 14 – October 16, 2021

Passage (noun)
·    The act or process of moving forward.
·    The process of transition from one state to another.
- Selected definitions from Merriam Webster

Demisch Danant is pleased to announce PASSAGE, a presentation of works by Jos Devriendt, conceived in collaboration with Colin King. Inspired by the behind-the-scenes, the transitional, and the creative process, Demisch Danant and Colin King assemble a selection of recent Jos Devriendt ceramic works, presented in New York for the first time. By using simple wood shelving and pallets as display, DD x CK emphasize the craftsmanship behind each master work, as if found in an artist’s studio.

“Great art can be experienced in an unvarnished setting, without losing its integrity or aesthetic force,” said Colin King. The humble materials of stone, canvas, and raw wood offer a temporary backdrop that reveal the refined forms of the art objects. “The creative process is a state of perpetual transition, of making choices to move forward,” added Suzanne Demisch. “We want to offer viewers a different experience of the works, in a new light, as if from the artist’s point of view, a bit unfinished, in transformation.” Over 30 recent works will be on view through October 16, 2021.

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