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Maria Pergay
Cube Cassé / Broken Cube A and B, 2010
Stainless steel, snakewood, interior light
21.65 H x 21.65 x 29.53 inches
55 H x 55 x 75 cm
Edition of 8, with 2 APs

Demisch, Suzanne and Stephane Danant. Maria Pergay Complete Works 1957-2010. Bologna: Damiani, 2011. p. 259-260, numbered 155. Print.
Lindemann, Adam. Collecting Design. Taschen, 2011. Similar example reproduced pp. 175



HIDDEN TREASURES | Maria Pergay | Cube Cassé / Broken Cube A and B, 2010

Maria Pergay: It’s my desire that people have at home next to them something which asks them questions, you see. To make them understand that behind each thing can be hidden some other things. This cube — it’s a plain cube, looks like any kind of cube — but it has a treasure.

Rima Suqi: You mean the snake wood you see through the blown-out front?

MP: Yes. It is lively, colored and soft.

RS: So, you’re peeling the steel off, like a layer, to reveal something else.

MP: Yes, it’s very French.

RS: Is that what you’re like as a person — to other people, you might seem hard on the outside or just very independent, but inside you’re delicate and fragile?

MP: I don’t know. In general, everybody has a pinch of poetry inside. Not everybody gets to see that, and that is the challenge: to light the light inside.

But they can discover something about themselves by looking at the pieces. If they pass by and they stop, that means there’s a connection between the piece and themselves.*

*Pergay, Maria. “Her Poetry Takes the Form of Stainless Steel”. The New York Times, Interview by Rima Suqi, May 20, 2010, Section D, Page 2. New York Edition.



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