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Maria Pergay
Cabinet Borgia A and B, 2016
Black and white ebony from Laos, oak, forged iron hinges with polished bone, brass, carved black ebony handles and feet, decorative fittings in steel and brass
57.28 H x 53.15 x 20.08 inches
145.5 H x 135 x 51 cm
Edition of 8, with 4 APs




HIDDEN TREASURES | Maria Pergay | Cabinet Borgia A and B, 2016

This new work not only signifies the pinnacle of Pergay’s extraordinary design career but also points to a complex realm of her creative vision. When we first saw her initial sketch, we were stunned to discover that she was employing 16th century references and in such a fresh way. It is certainly not the first time Pergay’s new work has surprised us, but this piece is truly fantastical and a masterwork. It is exciting and challenging to discover such a multi-layered design. 

Pergay‘s Cabinet Borgia is a cabinet of curiosities, meant to hold precious objects, books and works of art. The cabinet represents two ‘malles du voyage,’ one seemingly floating above the other with a mirrored reflection in between. The top case is adorned with hand forged iron latches, embellished with polished bone and with intricately carved ebony and bone handles on the side. The bottom piece stands on ebony sculpted claw feet and decorated with steel and brass fittings.

Rima Suqi: Strength seems to be a theme in your work.

MP: It is very important. You can show, in fact, that, yes, these pieces start to become accommodating and soft and familiar in your home. It’s a mirage of my furniture. But I don’t like the word furniture. People do not need my pieces to be furniture, to use as a place to put plates or blankets or whatever.

RS: If your work isn’t furniture, what is it?

MP: An expression of—what can I say, maybe like it came from Mars or the moon?*

*Pergay, Maria. “Her Poetry Takes the Form of Stainless Steel”. The New York Times, Interview by Rima Suqi, May 20, 2010, Section D, Page 2. New York Edition.



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